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 “As a former trainee and colleague of Lisa’s, I could not recommend anyone more highly as a captivating, effective, welcoming, and bilingual trainer. More broadly, Lisa is highly knowledgeable in the field of Organizational Development as a whole (and in particular Change Management) and I would not hesitate to contract her for even the most complex (i.e. big and hairy!) of projects.”

  • J. Harrison, Export Development Canada


“Lisa delivered a very interesting, exciting, infomative and participative workshop for CSTD members and friends on coaching. We had the opportunity to all be active participants in a coaching session. Lisa was able to get the entire group up and moving and learning together and from each other and about themselves. Great job!”

  • D. Bellamy, CSTD (Canadian Society for Training and Development)


“Lisa is a talented facilitator. She is able to navigate through uncomfortable and charged situations with ease and grace, bringing all involved to a calm and rational place from where to begin to develop acceptable solutions for all involved. Her skills would not only be a benefit in team facilitation but are also ideal for arbitration and mediation roles.”

  • S. Ramchandani, MBA graduate, Queen’s School of Business


“She demonstrates professionalism, commitment and a positive attitude. She is extremely dependable, conscientious and has a strong personal commitment to successfully carrying out her work. She has a genuine interest in helping teams and encourages cooperation. Lisa’s resourcefulness combined with her keen ability to articulate any concept makes her a valuable member of any team.”

  • J. Vena, Export Development Canada


“Lisa is a charismatic team facilitator who has a genuine interest in supporting the personal and professional objectives of every team member.”

  • J. Gordon, Ford Motor Company



More about Lisa’s background (including other testimonials) can be found at http://www.linkedin.com/in/lisasansom

To contact Lisa Sansom, please email info@lvsconsulting.com.

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