Change Management

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Sometimes, people think that change management begins when the change is implemented  – when the new computer program gets turned on, when the new benefits package is rolled out, when the new manager is introduced. This is far from the truth.

Change begins at the moment of the first thought that indicates, “Hey, we should do something differently around here…”  At the moment of that first thought.

Lisa has worked on change projects in both the technological domain (with new software and hardware implementations) and organizational change, such as introducing new HR programs and restructuring.

It is also often assumed that “change management” is just a glorified “communications plan”. But how can you communicate if you don’t know who you are communicating to? Or what your key messages are? Or if you need to stratify your key messages for different organizational groupings?

Change Management involves assessing the change readiness of the organization, and its subcomponents, before even announcing the change. Then, the change can be announced appropriately, taking into account the different needs and abilities of different organizational areas. In conducting a Change Management project, we assess the scope of the change, the recipients of the change, and the change risks. Practical, applied reports inform communications, and prepare the Change Sponsor and Change Agents for their upcoming roles.

For more information about Change Management, or to have LVS Consulting help you with a change project, please contact LVS Consulting.

Lisa teaches individual change management using the Change Cycle from Interchange International (one-day workshop) and also teaches organizational change management (can be combined in a two-day package with the Change Cycle).

The Change Cycle

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