Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry

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“Appreciative Inquiry is the cooperative search for the best in people, their organizations, and the world around them. It involves systematic discovery of what gives a system ‘life’ when it is most effective and capable in economic, ecological, and human terms. AI involves the art and practice of asking questions that strengthen a system’s capacity to heighten positive potential. It mobilizes inquiry through crafting an ‘unconditional positive question’ often involving hundreds or sometimes thousands of people.”

Cooperrider, D.L. & Whitney, D., “Appreciative Inquiry: A positive revolution in change.” In P. Holman & T. Devane (eds.), The Change Handbook, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., pages 245-263.


Typical problem-solving is “deficit-based”. It involves seeking out root causes to the problem and generating new processes or policies so that the organization doesn’t fall into the same hole again.


Pioneered by Dr. David Cooperrider, Appreciative Inquiry means looking at what is going well, and using organizational strengths to resolve challenging situations.


LVS Consulting’s “Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry” workshop will teach participants the basic 5-D AI model through an appreciative approach.


This course can also be modified for teams to lead them through an Appreciative Inquiry approach as a form of team-building or team-discovery.


Appreciative Inquiry Summits are an excellent resource for larger-group “problem solving” initiatives, and LVS Consulting (and partners, depending on the size of your group) can facilitate these events.

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