Team Coaching and Facilitation

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Lisa works with new and existing teams.

With new teams, Lisa can conduct real, meaningful team building activities that do not involve ropes, rocks, rafting or any of those other one-off activities that teams occasionally do. Lisa gets teams to talk about what’s really core and critical to a team’s functioning: how to be effective and mutually supportive and accountable.


Lisa will lead your new team through exercises to develop objectives and norms, and will create a safe environment for all voices to be heard.


With existing teams, Lisa will facilitate the tough conversations around why things aren’t working as well as they could. Who is doing what? Who is letting the team down? How does the team want to function going forward?


Often mature teams have never taken the time to codify their objectives and norms. Lisa can lead the team through activities that shed light on real team operations, bringing out the actual norms of the team, rather than those that are merely espoused. Once the true norms are highlighted, then the team can discuss the applicability and desirability of that way of being and operating.


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