Change Cycle courses

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The courses are designed to focus on an individual’s ability to handle his or her personal and professional needs during change. Participants will learn how their brain processes all change experiences in a sequential and therefore predictable way.

By understanding the 6 stages of The Change Cycle™ (see the basic model below), each participant will gain knowledge and practical skills. These new skills can be utilized immediately to the benefit of the individual and have a positive impact on communication issues within the organization.

A core fundamental of each of these learning experiences is the value of taking personal responsibility for one’s attitudes and behaviour during times of change.

There are three different Change Cycle™ courses. Please contact us to learn more and discuss your specific needs.

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First Things First – Managing the Impact of Organizational Change

  • A one-day course on the Change Cycle which includes learning the model and several techniques for managing yourself and others through change.


Breakdown or Breakthrough – Becoming a Change-Resilient Organization

  • A two-day course on the Change Cycle
  • The first day is exposure to the Change cycle
  • The second day includes special skills and techniques for leaders to lead change and manage themselves and others in times of change.
  • Special skills for busy times of seemingly chaotic change are emphasized, including coaching skills and stress management.


Letting Go of Holding On – Personal Change Skills

  • A half-day course for individuals to learn about the Change Cycle and how to manage themselves during times of moderate change.


Change Cycle

The Change Cycle (TM) from Interchange International. Lisa Sansom is certified to deliver this program to your organization. Please contact us for further details.

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