Letting Go of Holding On

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Individuals interested in improving their skills, attitudes and abilities to manage change from a personal responsibility perspective.


This course is designed to focus on an individuals’ ability to handle their personal needs during change. Participants will learn how their brain processes all change experiences in a sequential and therefore predictable way. By understanding the 6 stages of The Change Cycle™, each participant will gain knowledge and practical skills. These new skills can be utilized immediately to the benefit of the individual and have a positive impact on communication issues within the organization. The nature of this learning experience promotes the value of taking personal responsibility for one’s attitudes and behaviour during times of change.


Participants will learn skills to:

  • Identify the 6 stages of The Change Cycle™ and how they affect us at the mental, emotional and behavioural levels
  • Pinpoint what stage of the Change Cycle™ they are in with regard to a specific change
  • Differentiate between proactive and reactive change situations and understand the best skills to use for successful change
  • Build new and more resourceful change strategies for self-management



½ day provides introductory level knowledge and awareness

1 to 1½ days provides perspective, insight and skills building


Includes the following:

Participants’ Guide

The Locator” Assessment Profile

The Change Cycle™ 4-color model (8×11)

The Change Cycle™ 4-color model (4×5)



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