Introduction to Coaching Workshop

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The power of personalized coaching is undeniable. Many organizations are now using coaches to work with their high-potential employees, to work with skilled leaders and to enhance their management cadre.

Do you know about coaching?

LVS Consulting offers a half-day session to introduce key organizational decision-makers to coaching. This highly experiential and uplifting workshop is for any organization that would like to know more about coaching.

Participants will:

  • be able to define coaching and distinguish it from other “helping professions” such as counselling, therapy, management and mentoring.
  • use several coaching tools, that can be immediately introduced into the workplace environment.
  • practice basic coaching skills, including active listening and powerful questioning.

Please contact LVS Consulting for more information or book a time to talk using my online scheduler.



Coaching is a fairly complex topic but Lisa was able to present an introduction that was straightforward and easy to comprehend. Her pacing was excellent and suitably interactive. I was very impressed! Thank you! 🙂  (Workshop participant, April 2008)

I would be very pleased to attend future sessions in which Lisa was exploring coaching in greater depth. She is an excellent speaker and is able to make coaching a more tangible concept for learners. (Workshop participant, April 2008)



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