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Create a positive organization that’s a great place to work! LVS Consulting is a boutique firm with many different services to help you create the workplace you desire. Let’s talk!


Inspire and motivate hundreds with Lisa's speaking (keynotes and workshops) on a wide variety of topics, including positive psychology, change management, leadership, and more! 



Work with Lisa as your knowledgeable, action-oriented, empathetic coach to help you move closer to your desired future and most important goals, while building on strengths and values and minimizing gaps and weaknesses.


Discover transformative consultancy services with Lisa Sansom. With 25+ years of expertise in organizational development, change management, and leadership, Lisa offers tailored engagements. 


Make your training stick by working with Lisa, an engaging, practical, interactive instructor who has experience with audiences from teens to Executives, and all ages and stages in between.


Experience engaging facilitation with Lisa Sansom. Collaborate with your team to make decisions, solve problems, and build stronger connections. 



Leverage Lisa Sansom’s research expertise to optimize your feedback culture and drive better organizational performance. Unlock insights to enhance employee well-being and business outcomes.


What people are saying

“I attended your session on resilience and optimism at the Training Magazine Conference and I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed it very much. Great job & thank you!”

Christina P.

We invited Lisa to speak at our annual company conference. Her talk on Positive Psychology was interesting, informative and practical. Our team, ranging in ages from 19 to 44, were all very engaged and gave great feedback on her presentation.

I would recommend Lisa as a speaker for organizations or groups who are growing and looking to develop a strong, positive culture. I expect we will have Lisa back in the future.

Bill H.

As a former trainee and colleague of Lisa’s, I could not recommend anyone more highly as a captivating, effective, welcoming, and bilingual trainer. More broadly, Lisa is highly knowledgeable in the field of Organizational Development as a whole (and in particular Change Management) and I would not hesitate to contract her for even the most complex (i.e. big and hairy!) of projects.

J. Harrison
Export Development Canada

Lisa delivered a very interesting, exciting, informative and participative workshop for CSTD members and friends on coaching. We had the opportunity to all be active participants in a coaching session. Lisa was able to get the entire group up and moving and learning together and from each other and about themselves. Great job!

D. Bellamy
CTSD (Canadian Society for Training and Development)

She demonstrates professionalism, commitment and a positive attitude. She is extremely dependable, conscientious and has a strong personal commitment to successfully carrying out her work. She has a genuine interest in helping teams and encourages cooperation. Lisa’s resourcefulness combined with her keen ability to articulate any concept makes her a valuable member of any team.

J. Vena
Export Development Canada

Lisa is a talented facilitator. She is able to navigate through uncomfortable and charged situations with ease and grace, bringing all involved to a calm and rational place from where to begin to develop acceptable solutions for all involved. Her skills would not only be a benefit in team facilitation but are also ideal for arbitration and mediation roles.

S. Ramchandani
MBA Graduate, Queen’s School of Business

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