A lovely start to 2013

Happy 2013 everyone! I have refrained from posting a blog about New Year’s Resolutions because a) there are already a lot out there and b) the only New Year’s resolution I ever kept was to refrain from ever making New Year’s resolutions – so I’m hardly a role model for these things. That said, I do know a thing or two about goal setting and goal getting, so if you have made resolutions that are important to you, give me a call and we’ll talk. I have ideas to help you keep on track.

Queen's School of Business
Queen’s School of Business

In other news, it was lovely to learn that the Queen’s School of Business, where I work as a team coach, was ranked Number One in the world by Bloomberg Business Week for “Teamwork”.

To quote from the article:

At Queen’s, team-based learning is a major point of emphasis in the full-time MBA. At the start of the program, each student is assigned to a diverse learning group of six or seven classmates with whom they work through the entire core curriculum. Each team is given a conference room equipped with all the MBA necessities: white boards, printers, a mini-refrigerator, and, most importantly, a coffee maker. Additionally, the groups are each assigned a professional coach to provide feedback and guidance on the team dynamic. Within the learning teams, each student is given the opportunity to lead projects as well as collaborate with their peers.

“This aspect of the program really taught me how to work efficiently as a team member, how to communicate in different situations with a diverse group of people, and how to lead a team of very different individuals,” says Daniel Millar, a member of the Queen’s MBA Class of 2012. “The program’s emphasis on teamwork will be crucial to my future career success, as the ability to lead and work efficiently as a member of a team [is] required in most jobs and industries today.”

What we do know about teams at QSB is that it takes far more than a coffee maker to create great teams. When we ask our alumni what the most important aspect of their program was, “team experience” ranks in the top three. As we tell our students, they may never use accounting, organizational behaviour or marketing again – but they will always be on teams and probably leading teams. They can’t delegate teamwork. They had better learn to be excellent team members (followers as well as leaders). I’m thrilled and utterly energized to be part of an excellent team of coaches who do just that – we help those students learn to be positive and productive team members in the program, and transfer that learning to the workplace.

Of course, as I’ve written about before, positive psychology has a lot to say about high-performing teams. I’ll continue to bring the science of positive psychology to teams through QSB and my own consulting.

I look forward to starting this year with more MBA and EMBA students at QSB, helping them to learn more about teams, positive psychology and positive workplaces. We are creating the top Canadian business leaders. I think Canadian business is in great hands.



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Lisa Sansom

Lisa Sansom has her MBA from the Rotman School of Management, and over two decades of experience in teaching and training. Her years of work in the organizational development field have included projects on change management, employee engagement, leadership development, team coaching and employer of choice strategies.

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