Can we please…

Why is it so often that when we get people together to do good work together, they falter? Why do they turn on each other and spread mistrust and untruths? Why do they hurt each other and get in the way of good meaningful work? Why do people presume the worst and then believe those bad stories about others? The stories I hear from many clients, colleagues and friends are disheartening. My mind boggles and my heart cries out.

Can we please start believing the best about each other?

That doesn’t mean that each person is perfect and it doesn’t mean that we trust blindly and foolishly, but it does mean that we look for and believe the best in each other. It does mean that we hold hope for each other. It does mean that we support each other, even in the difficult times, and we help each other out rather than taking each other down.

I work in the field of applied positive psychology which says that we need to study the best of “what is” in order to create the best of “what will be”. Can we please start with focusing on the best of “what is” in each other and in our workplaces? Is it really that hard?

Maybe it’s the recent full moon, or Mercury in retrograde, or the cold days of January that’s making it feel like this negativity and toxic environment is everywhere – it seems to be a common thread these days. What do you think we can all do together, how can we all be together, to make this better? So many people need it.

Any ideas? There’s enough difficulty in the world – let’s not contribute to it, shall we?


Lisa Sansom

Lisa Sansom has her MBA from the Rotman School of Management, and over two decades of experience in teaching and training. Her years of work in the organizational development field have included projects on change management, employee engagement, leadership development, team coaching and employer of choice strategies.

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  1. Judy Krings says

    “Close your eyes and remember when it WAS good/great” (rather that grating!). How can we harness that again. Where did our teamwork go? Why? How can we regroup? What needs to happen for each of us to harness the best within each of ourselves and pay that forward for/with/to OUR team?”

    You raise a great question, Lisa. I am hearing this negative message of not playing good together, too. Me, me, me. Is some this generational, or is it cutting across all age groups?

    Thanks much and with hope for synergism soon.

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