Maximize the potential of your audience with Lisa Sansom, a distinguished speaker, corporate trainer, and authority in positive psychology. With a focus on empowering professionals, Lisa offers captivating keynotes and workshops meticulously crafted to address critical topics including optimal flourishing, leadership, effective communication, positive professional relationships, and teamwork.

Specializing in delivering engaging presentations, Lisa’s expertise transcends conventional boundaries, providing invaluable insights to propel your organization towards success. Whether kick starting new initiatives, fostering ongoing changes, or inspiring innovative thinking, Lisa’s speaking services are tailored to elevate your organization’s performance and drive transformative growth.

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 Who Benefits from Lisa Sansom’s Speaking Services?


Empower your workforce with fresh perspectives and practical tools to enhance performance and foster positive workplace dynamics.

Event Planners

Ensure your events leave a lasting impact by featuring engaging keynote speeches and workshops that captivate and inspire attendees.


Stay ahead in your field by attending sessions that offer actionable advice and strategies for personal and professional growth.

 Lisa has spoken for the following audiences:

  • Human Resources professionals at national conferences and local chapter events
  • Support staff conferences
  • Business leaders and emerging leaders
  • Positive Psychology researchers and practitioners at IPPA and CPPA conferences
  • Public Health professionals
  • Job coaches and counsellors
  • Educational leaders in leadership development programs
  • Coaches at ICF national and chapter events

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Why Choose Lisa Sansom’s Speaking Services?

Practical Approach

Lisa’s speaking engagements offer more than just information—they provide actionable strategies to inspire positive change. Her speaking serves as powerful catalysts for kicking off new initiatives, supporting ongoing changes and projects, and fostering innovative thinking within your organization.

Customized Solutions

With over 20 years of experience, Lisa tailors her talks to suit your organization’s specific needs and adapts seamlessly to your audience’s preferences. Whether it’s a keynote address or a workshop, Lisa ensures that each speaking session is uniquely crafted to deliver maximum impact.

Engagement and Interactivity

Lisa’s talks are not just presentations—they are interactive experiences designed to captivate and engage your audience. From Q&A sessions to live polls, Lisa encourages participation, creating a dynamic learning environment that fosters collaboration and idea-sharing.

Flexible Delivery Options

Whether you’re hosting an in-person event or reaching a remote audience, Lisa’s speaking sessions can be recorded or live-streamed for internal purposes. Slide decks are also available for internal distribution, ensuring that valuable insights can be shared across your organization.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond the presentation, Lisa provides additional resources upon request, allowing your team to continue their learning journey long after the event has ended. With Lisa Sansom, you’re not just booking a speaker—you’re investing in a comprehensive learning experience.

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